Jun 9 2013

Try Sushi

My workgroup likes to celebrate things and we like to eat; Cupcakes for birthdays, special events at restaurants, team meetings with catering. If we’re celebrating a person in particular we try to entertain their preferences.

On April 5, 2012 – the folks in question loved sushi. Uh-oh. This is a very scary thing for a picky eater. I would know! I figured what better opportunity, to try Sushi for the first time.

I let the lovers of sushi place the order; when it arrived, I grabbed a couple of the “least sushi” looking ones. I think these were California rolls or something. They tasted okay. Then the Sashimi arrived. Oh. God. Well, it wasn’t bad, but it sort of tasted exactly how I expected raw fish to taste.

My first attempt has not made me a convert. But as a picky eater, I know that I may have to try something 10 times before I can say that I like it.

What I did like, was the Umé!


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