Oct 3 2013

Run a 10K

With a few 5Ks under my belt, at some point either in late 2011 or early 2012, I decided that I would start training to run a 10K. I had the program figured out “Run your fastest 10K” it said; Of course it’s going to be my fastest, It’s going to be my first!

It wasn’t long after I had started my training that I pains hit the front of my leg. The left was worse than the right. I would stop running for a few days and try again; the pain persisted. I tried to push through it but I’m not a fan of pain, so I gave up. This was probably in March. The race was in May.

I had paid my registration for the race, I was determined to go the distance, even if I had to walk.

Before the race, I spotted the 1:15 pace bunny and decided to keep pace with that group. I started off a holding a decent pace (though looking back, it was way too fast!) I did quite well for the most part. Then I hit the 9K mark and my legs didn’t want to run anymore. So I walked a lot.

I crossed the finish line with an official time of 1:21:09.68.

My fingers were swollen and I was shaking but I had done it! I had run my first 10K! And I thought “that wasn’t so bad” I want to do this again!

Since then, I’ve run a few more 10K races and my training program makes me run 10K or more on a Saturday “just because”. I can now run a 10K faster “for fun” than I did in my first ever 10K.

I now call myself “a runner”, for this non-athletic girl who got benched playing team sports, I’m very happy with that.

10K History
2012 – Jugo Juice : 1:21:09.68
2013 – Run for Women : 1:09:19.83
2013 – BlueBerry Festival : 1:06:59
2014 – YMCA Strong Kids : 1:07:21
2014 – Run for Women : 1:09:20 (waiting for results website for link to official time)

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