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Jun 30 2012

Stan Lee

When Billy learned that Stan Lee would be at the 2012 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, there was no question that we would be paying to stand in line for a few hours to get his autograph. Mr. Lee ended up being about an hour late but once the line started moving it was pretty quick. Our time with Mr. Lee was very short, but Billy had time enough to tell him something along the lines of “Thank you for making my childhood as awesome as it was”. And managed to get his Marvel Encyclopedia autographed.

Stan Lee      Happy

Seeing how happy Billy was to get Mr. Lee’s autograph, and realizing that at 89 years young dear Stan would not likely be making any more appearances in Calgary, I decided to purchase a “Stan Lee Photo Op.”

Lots more standing in line and waiting ensued.

As we neared the front of the line, it hit me that we were going to have our photo taken with STAN LEE! The mastermind behind so many iconic characters. A legend! I became emotional (as I am wont to do) and started to cry. As we were ushered into the photo area, I gave Mr. Lee a hug and a kiss and cried some more (OMG I JUST GAVE STAN LEE A HUG AND A KISS AND HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME!!) Then, without enough warning to regain my composure, the photographer clicked the shutter and immortalized my emotions for ever.

Stan Lee

It’s a great picture of Mr. Lee. It’s a great picture of Billy. For me? well, It is the immortalization of my emotional moment with Stan Lee (and certainly one of the least flattering photos of me that has ever been taken)

Despite the horrible photo of me – It’s certainly an opportunity I am very happy not to have missed.