Mar 1 2013

Run a 5K

I always tried my hand at sports. I generally failed miserable – but not for lack of trying!

At some point, I decided that the problem with my failures at sport was that I always attempted team sports; where it’s about playing and winning as a team, where there’s a chance of being picked last, where you can get benched even if you’re giving all you’ve got (I’m not still bitter about that. really. *cough*)

I realized that running would be all about me. Sure, people would still be faster than me but as long as I finished the race still standing on my own two feet – I would be successful.

Set a personal target and go for it; Train or don’t train, It doesn’t matter! If you do it and finish – you win!

For my first race, I set a goal of 35 minutes. Most of my training had been inside on a treadmill but I felt mostly confident that I could do it. I started my watch the second the gun went off. When I finished the race, my chronometer told me I’d finished in 37 minutes: SWEET! Not 35, but I was alive. I may have been the last one across the gate but I felt great, I felt accomplished and really – what’s 2 minutes?

Then I waited a few days for the official results to get posted: 33:39! SCORE!

Since then, I’ve run a few other races. I really enjoy it (except the shinsplints. I really have to see a doctor about those!)

Here are the other 5K races in which I’ve participated:
Energizer Night Run – August 13 2011 – 36:51.22(chip)
Calgary Women’s Run – August 28, 2011 – 37:22(no chip)
St. Pats Day Run – March 17, 2012 – 37:38.90(chip)
Love your Wild Side – September 1, 2012 – 43:00 (no chip)
CIBC Run for the Cure – October 6, 2013 – 31:51:00 (chip)

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