Mar 12 2013

Display my art in public

I think it was in September (maybe October) of last year that Linda, a friend-artist, asked if I would be interested in participating in a collaborative project that would be on display as part of Exposure, the annual Calgary Canmore Banff Photography Festival.

The thought of having my art on display in public was very exciting; certainly something that was on my life list!

The collaborative project would have the lot of us explore the new West LRT CTrain line. On the given day, 5 of the 6 participants met out at the 69th street station and starting taking photos (The 6th was in Hawaii.) We moved on down the line stopping at some stations for longer than other.

After the photos were taken, Linda, as our curator, had the hard job of selecting the 3 photos from each of the six photographers that she felt best represented our aim.

I won’t lie – I was quite upset that one of the three photos of mine she selected happened to be one that I liked the absolute least, however – and this is where I get artsy fartsy on you…

Learnings come to me in the most unexpected ways; It is in the recognition of this that I will grow.

It is the spontaneous glimpses – the stark line of the golden fields against the blue-white sky, the simplicity of an empty cup of tea, the balance of things that inspires me to observe the world around me.

It is by capturing these details that I am reminded that not all realities are equal. What I create with my tools is an alternate view of the world around us. By capturing these bits and pieces I hope to gain a clearer understanding of myself – to open the unexplored world of possibilities and relationships.

With this piece, I begin to better understand myself.

This was that photo:

Open to the Sun

I still don’t like the photo but now I look at it with different eyes. It’s been an experience I have enjoyed thoroughly and once I certainly hope to repeat in the future. Someday, maybe I’ll even have an exhibit of just my photos!

The show is still up at Pages Books on Kensington and will be up through April 27th. You should go see it; MY ART IS ON THE WALLS!! (there’s also the art of 5 other talented people.)

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